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31 July 2020

Openings of numerous brands in the new pole of the Soccoce shopping center in Abidjan

After renovation, reopening of the Celio store. The store is 137m² today and is the latest Celio concept: Paris 2.0. This reopening comes at the same time as the opening of the Call it spring brand, a brand of the Aldo group, and the very first store in Côte d'Ivoire. This beautiful 140 m2 store offers trendy shoes, bags and jewelry for men and women, at affordable and VEGAN prices. All products are made without animal derivatives, skins, leathers, wool, silk, a subject in which Mercure International is particularly committed. Also opening of the 5th KIABI for Mercure International. This beautiful store with 1140 m² of sales area offers all the clothing and fashion accessories of the range: casual or chic women, casual or dressed men, babies, children, large clothes, maternity clothes ... This 2nd Kiabi store in Abidjan will meet all expectations