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04 September 2018

Mercure International is accelerating the development of the brand “l’Occitane en Provence” in Africa

In Congo Brazzaville, the first store of 57 m2 was launched in the Grand Fleuve shopping center, on August the 17th. Following this opening, next step will be the inauguration of a 26 m2 store in the heart of the Mbolo Shopping Mall, Libreville at the beginning of September. Senegal is also part of the expansion with a second store of 52 m2, located in the new extension of Sahm shopping center, Dakar. In total Mercure International operates 4 stores “l’Occitane en Provence” across Africa.


All these boutiques offer the entire range of l’Occitane in Provence, whether they are flagship products such as Immortelle Précieuse, Divine, Amande and Karité or the new range Aqua Réotier launched beginning of this year.


Special information areas are available for clients to discover each of these products.

Mercure International is pleased to partner with nature-inspired expertise, ensuring the use of high quality natural ingredients and sustainable sourcing.

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